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Finance Options

Contract Hire Contract Purchase Finance Lease Operating Lease Hire Purchase

Contract purchase offers all the ownership advantages of hire purchase but with added flexibility. A guaranteed value for the asset at the end of the agreement means that regular repayments are reduced. At the end of the term you can decide whether to keep the asset and pay off any balance, sell it and settle the outstanding balance (retaining any profit) or simply return it with nothing more to pay.

As per contract hire, you choose the vehicle, we purchase the vehicle on your behalf, you pay a fixed monthly fee over an agreed term and mileage. At the end of the contract you can either hand the vehicle back or pay the optional balloon payment to take ownership of the vehicle. If you decide to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract the balloon payment can be re-financed if necessary. Also a very popular option, and with the added twist of an option to purchase.

This is also available on both personal and business contracts. Unlike contract hire there is only a minor v.a.t element in contract purchase agreements (on the auxillary costs, tax disc, servicing etc). This means that the monthly costs are not subject to any v.a.t rises or reductions that may occur in the future (except on auc costs). The option to purchase is only an option and 9/10 customers hand the vehicle back and look to take a new vehicle at contract end. If you have no intention of buying we would advise taking the contract hire agreement instead.

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