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The great new car buying – vs – leasing debateThere is always a debate about whether it is best to buy or lease a car.

Albeit the debate has quietened a little in recent times with personal leasing rising in popularity, particularly post-recession as people want to fix their costs more and more.
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I have always had one thing to say on the subject and that is this: if you are buying from new (that is the caveat in this particular argument), and you intend to run the car into the ground until it is due for the scrap-heap, then this is the only real instance that I can think of where buying new is better than leasing.

New car depreciation

This is because a car depreciates over time in a gradually depleting scale – purchase it, look after it, treat it as a life-long asset and it will (hopefully) love you back.

Obviously if you are a high mileage driver then you will need to factor into your sums how long your car will last you but cars these days can, indeed, go on for miles.

Leasing, on the other hand, offers a viable alternative to buying from new if you are not going down the used car path. It fixes costs, offers low monthly outgoings and you can “bolt on” extras like maintenance packages if you don’t want any hassle at all.

Can leasing work out cheaper than buying?

What many people – and companies - are unaware of is that in many instances, a competitive lease can work out cheaper than buying due to the bulk discounts that finance companies and suppliers secure.

So in theory, you can drive a new car every two or three years and lose less than if you were to buy it – and you haven’t got the hassle of selling it on or part exchanging it (or the worry about what it will actually be worth).

And you don’t have a big deposit to worry about each time you change.

What are your views on the subject? Why don’t you chat to me, Barry Mainstone, Director of Car4leasing on Twitter?
Barry Mainstone – Car4Leasing

I love a good debate and if challenged, I think I may be able to show you some good alternative leasing deals to any purchase deal that you may be considering!

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