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As you know we recently had a competition offering the opportunity to win £100 in Red Letter day vouchers for the person that guessed the closest number of athletes we could fit in a Ford Transit.

Ford Transit Jumbo Picture

How many athletes can you fit in a Transit?

We managed to fit a pretty impressive 72 in the back and 3 in the front and have uploaded the video of the Athletes leaving the Transit for you to see.
Click Here to view the Ford Transit Capacity test

In truth we know we could have fitted about 10 more in the back and could have possible squeezed 3 or 4 more in the front, but given the conditions of the evening, how low the vehicle was sitting on its rear axle and the fact that we do actually like the volunteers at Stevenage and North Herts Athletics club we had to safely call it a day at 75.

The competition winner is…
The winner with a sterling guess of 72 was Sheena Graham and her vouchers are on the way to her. (We did have 2 guesses of 72 and the winner was chosen at random). We did also have an exact match of 75 but one of the competition criteria was not met and a consolation price has been given in this instance.

If you like what we have done, have any ideas for future competitions or want to get involved contact us @Car4Leasing and join the conversation – we would love, as always, to hear your thoughts!

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