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What do you think about the Diesel Tax?
As early as 2020, diesel drivers – and not just drivers in London – could be faced with penalties in an effort to cut air pollution.

As part of the proposals, diesel vehicles that are Euro 6 emissions regulated will be exempt from the charge but petrol cars registered prior to 2006 will also have to pay.
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If the plans go ahead, drivers of diesel vehicles will have to pay an additional £10 on top of the normal congestion zone charge to enter central London. Other cities including Bradford, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leicester, and Bristol are set to introduce low emission zones.

And if this is not quite enough, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is also calling for diesel cars to carry more road tax than the alternatives.

Of course, there is a lot of pressure from the European Commission to cut emissions and fines will be issued for cities that breach air pollution limits. In fact, the EU started legal proceedings against Britain in February earlier this year.

The threats of air pollution

We all know that fumes are bad but did you know that in Britain alone, it is estimated that around 29,000 premature deaths each year are caused by air pollution. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have told us that people who live in Birmingham, London and Leeds will be exposed to dangerous air pollution until the 2030s unless something is done.

Why people turned to diesel

The problem is that, in recent years, people started turning to diesel as opposed to petrol because of the government tax incentives that were actually designed to lower emissions.

But in fact, diesel engines produce nitrogen dioxide amongst other toxins, which can irritate the lung lining and also cause respiratory disease.

What do you think about the proposed Diesel Tax?

So, it turns out that for years we have all believed that diesel cars are the environmentally friendly car of choice but now it turns out that this is wrong. EU pressure on Europe to act on reducing emissions has prompted out elected officials to propose a levy against all existing diesel car owners.

We are not convinced this will reduce emissions, but we know that it will definitely raise considerable taxes.

It may make us think twice about our choice of next car, but this is not an instant fix. Should the government actively want to improve the situation then surely their efforts should be targeted towards manufacturing in terms of bringing through even more eco-friendly cars? Or what about an aftermarket “ad-on” to existing diesel cars that helps reduce the emissions?

Driving a car is something the majority of UK households do and if the proposed diesel car tax comes into effect it will affect a lot of people. Would you like to see a time when the government works for us to help educate rather than spend years saying one thing, have a major U-turn and then, a price hike.

Are gas guzzling petrol’s now the way forward or should we all get Electric cars?

What do you think? Tweet Barry @Car4Leasing and join the conversation – we would love, as always, to hear your thoughts!

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