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About a year ago I was looking to change my car. I had been driving around in a 2 door coupe cabriolet which was not as practical as I would have liked given we had a 3 year old at the time. I think I managed to put my back out at least twice twisting and lifting to put our daughter in the back seat. As such the wife gave me an amazingly easy decision to make. I was told I could have anything I wanted as long as it had four doors.

Picture of the Nissan Navara

Which car to choose?

Well I had my heart set on an E Class Mercedes for ages, with its new shape and awesome trim levels I would have wanted for nothing. I then started looking at the Jaguar XF Saloon and XF Sportbrake, which once again would have offered amazing trim choice and a great drive. However, as is nearly always the case with most cars I pick a deal came across my desk which I simply could not ignore. The price was right, it had four doors and most importantly I would get added Man points and gravitas for simply driving such a vehicle, so I ordered myself a Double Cab Pick Up truck. The vehicle in Question was the Nissan Navara 2.5 Diesel Tekna Connect Double Cab.

Picture of the Nissan Back

Nissan Navara Tekna Connect Double Cab

The standard trim levels on the Tekna connect were superb. It comes with Climate Control, Cruise Control, Sat Nav, Reversing Camera, 50GB Hard Drive, Full Leather interior, Electric Drivers Seat, USB, AUX, Bluetooth, Roof Rails, Chrome Wing Mirrors, Side Steps and looks really, really cool.

Needless to say working in an office and having no practical need for a pick up truck did mean I had to look at this sensibly. For example, It may have the biggest boot ever, but is open to the elements and not ideal for putting your shopping in. The other dilemma with an open back pickup is the wind drag is phenomenal and reduced the fuel efficiency of the car massively. As such I did what any normal person would do and went shopping on Ebay for a Hard top cover for my new vehicle.

Pick Up Truck – Hard Tops

There are a wide variety of hard tops to choose from, Cab height, Cab height with windows, lock and roll shutters and many ,many more. I opted for the Auroklas Boot lid, which sits nicely across the back and when opened pops up on gas struts. Now the reason we bought this on Ebay is that the used values of the hard tops are not much different than the new so at the end of the contract we should be able to get some of our money back from our investment in the top.
The lid arrived a few days later in the biggest cardboard box I had ever seen. I arrange for a couple of mates to come by one Saturday and we started to assemble the top and add it to my new truck. Well I think it took us about 3-4 hours to complete. The instructions were so bad that there was no clarity as to which part went where. It had bolts for a vehicle with a load liner and bolts for a vehicle without but never made it obvious which was which. The instructions also neglected to mention that the Metal rail by the cab had to be removed which once we worked it out managed to finish the job quite quickly. Had the instructions been written properly and maybe an occasional picture we think it would be possible to install within 45 minutes. Sadly this was not the case.

Rear Seats of a Navara

Me and my Pick Up

We have had the Pick for coming up to a year and it is an amazing vehicle. It is quite possibly the most impractical vehicle for an office worker there is and to this date my lunch is the largest item I carry in it on a regular basis. The fuel economy even with the hard top barely gets above 30 miles per gallon and the trip computer showing the MPG only goes upto a maximum of 30 anyway, so if you are looking for fuel economy this may not be for you. One thing you may not think about is cleaning the vehicle. I can tell you first hand it is like cleaning 2 normal sized cars and if it had not got the side steps I think I would have needed a ladder to get to the middle of the roof. (and I am 6 Foot 2 Inches tall). We took the truck on a long weekend away with a group of friends, and one thing you will find is all the kids want to go in the pick up truck. Luckily it is so big you can fit 3 full sized cars seats side by side on the rear seat, making it easily one of the biggest 5 seat vehicles in the market. In terms of drive the vehicle does have 4WD, and we are looking forward to a very cold and snowy winter to fully test the vehicle in icy conditions, but in standard 2WD the truck drives great, has an amazing engine in terms of power and grrrrrrr. That said in comparison to my original plans of the E-Class and Jag XF the pick up truck is far closer to a tractor than a refined prestige saloon. However, I would have to say that in spite of the bad points of which there are really only a few the Pick Up truck is a must have item if only just once for all to try. I am glad I took it and am looking forward to my final year of contract in it and would highly recommend the Navara or and other Pick Up truck for that matter. The ford Ranger is amazing ride and the Toyota Hilux is also one of the best in class.
Remember, if you have any questions, tweet Barry @Car4Leasing, visit or call 0844 414 8144 today!

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