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We were lucky enough to receive a Nissan Pulsar from the guys at Nissan to trial, test and generally abuse for a week. We did an assortment of tests, pushed all the buttons and now have the low down on all you need to know about Nissan’s latest entry in the already highly competitive C-Segment car sector. I have tried to give as unbiased thoughts as I can below, but in the main we would say that the Pulsar is a corker of a car and certainly worth your consideration
Nissan Pulsar Image

Nissan Pulsar Road Test

The vehicle currently comes with the 1.2 DiG-T petrol engine and the 1.5 dCI Diesel engine (Also used in the Note, Juke and Qashqai). We were using the 1.5 diesel engine and were very impressed. From the interior the drive was smooth, relatively quiet and most importantly had great fuel economy. Needless to say if you put your foot down the vehicle does loose some of the economy but for a normal commute you will be pleasantly surprised. The engine noise is a little noisy on the outside but not sufficiently so to cause concern. We were driving the N-Tec and had lots of fancy gadgets to play with, including rear view camera, satellite navigation and Bluetooth. If you have not had the opportunity to drive with a rear view camera you will be really impressed with how helpful it is and how close you can park to objects. We go to within 1 cm which seemed close enough! One thing to be mindful of with a parking camera is during freezing weather it freezes over too and on wet days you may just get rear blurred sensors, but on the whole once you have had these sensors you won’t want car without next time.

Nissan Pulsar Boot Capacity

As with all our road tests we like to test the capacity of the boot. Needless to say when you choosing a family sized hatchback it is important to know that your goods will fit and that there is sufficient room to grow. In the first picture you will see that a full set of golf clubs comfortably fit into the boot, although I did have to remove my driver from the bag as the width was just shy of being able to cater for the Driver in the bag.
Nissan Boot Capacity
In the second photo we thought we would demonstrate how many people you can fit in the boot of the Pulsar just to show a good visual guide as to the space. We managed not only to fit 2 in the boot but could also close the boot whilst in it, and had we been bold enough I dare say we could have squeezed a third in too, albeit may have invaded some personal space to do it!. I am reliably informed there is 385 Litres of Boot capacity.
Nissan Pulsar Boot Test

Nissan Pulsar Stereo System

Now one of my favourite features on a car is the stereo system and the entertainment system in the N-Tec was perfection personified. The Acenta and above have 6 speakers and the N-Tec gains DAB radio, but the clarity and intensity of the music was amazing to say the least. To give the car a full test we went to two extremes. Firstly we tried a bit of ACDC to see just how thumping and nosy we could make the car and at volume level 18 the song Thunderstruck was mind numbingly loud and yet pitch perfect. If I had shut my eyes I would have thought I was at a concert. Conversely we thought it would be just as fitting to try something a little more this century, and opted for All About the Bass by Meghan Trainor. This was equally as clear and the car performed equally well with a more dance themed vibe. I have no doubt that whatever your flavour of music the Pulsar would suit it and assist you in enjoying it to the full.

Nissan Pulsar Styling

The Nissan Pulsar has followed the cool lines of the New Nissan Qashqai and the even newer face lifted X-Trail, fitting perfectly into an already impressive mix of cars. At first glance you can see VW Golf and Mercedes A Class in the modern, sporty and angular shaping of the side panels. You certainly won’t be ashamed pulling up in a Nissan Pulsar. The N-tec boasts the 17” Diamond Cut Alloys (or shadow effect as we like to call them). They make an excellent finishing touch to an already great looking car. The Interior like the exterior is very modern, but on the conservative side of things. Not too much fuss and everything in the right place. We have to say that Nissan have the styling just about right on this one.

Nissan Pulsar Lights and Start Buttons

This may seem like an odd title for a specific comment but there was one thing Nissan got so so right and another that baffled even me and I drive a lot of different cars. The first is the lights. The front lights on the car are the nest I have seen ever. I live in the middle of nowhere and spend most of my time driving at night on dipped, full beam, dipped and full beam. With the Nissan Pulsar the lights were such good quality that I found I barely needed to change and my drive and mood were much improved. All cars should be so lucky to have such a fancy set of lights. This brings me onto my second point where I got a touch confused, and I know I am only a man but I did a rare thing. I read what was in front of me and failed to start the car on numerous occasions. (Picture for proof). In short if you put your foot on the clutch and press the start the car will basically not start. It will make lots of pretending to start gestures but will ultimately leave you frustrated. If you do the unthinkable and put one foot on the break and the other on the clutch and press the start button it will purr to life in no time. Now this is a very minor point and in most cases our feet will live on the break, but I know that I will get phone calls asking me why their new car won’t start.
Nissan Pulsar Start Button

Nissan Pulsar Overview

The car feels great, looks great and offers a very competitive alternative to the competitors. The market place is very competitive and pricing is extremely keen but I think if you test drive the Pulsar you will find it is a fantastic alternative to the more established C-Segment cars in the market.
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