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How to pick your next lease car
There are a number of ways to pick your leasing deal but there is usually only one way to decide, and that is budget.
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Leasing by budget

The first way to decide upon a car is to go by budget – it is the amount of money that you have to spend that will dictate what is available to you (unless you are very lucky and budget is no option).
But budget is a funny thing and – dare I say it – a little misunderstood by many.
OK, so people will say to me that they have £200 per month to spend. Here’s how we get down to the brass tacks of what they can actually afford before we start looking at actual cars for them; this process of elimination, we find, always gets our customers the best deal – AND the best car!

Q. Is your budget plus VAT or excluding VAT?
A. Remember, this accounts for 20% of the monthly rental so we have to know whether we include it or not. If you are unsure if you are a business of personal customer, the person paying the rentals is the customer, so if you personally pay you are looking for a personal contract. If your employer is paying directly it would be a business application
Q. Have you budgeted separately for insurance or have you got an insurance budget?
A. After all, there may be a great deal on a high insurance car that meets your monthly budget but it may push your overall budget over the edge.
Q. Have you a separate budget for maintenance?
A. You need to plan for maintenance when you are doing your sums or alternatively, it is well worth looking at taking out a maintenance contract with your lease as very often, the low monthly payment will cost you less overall than if you choose to foot the maintenance bills yourself as they arise.
Q. Have you got a set amount for fuel and what is your mileage?
A. Fuel can sometimes cost more than the lease – although these days, cars are getting more economical with every new model (and you may even be looking at an electric car or hybrid vehicle). With this in mind, it is important to think about this at the outset.
Q. What sort of car do you like?
A. Tell us what you like – we are likely to get a feel for the sort of car you may be interested and may have some great suggestions!
Q. Are there any practical car needs?
A. Do you need ample boot space? Four wheel drive? Automatic? Optional extras that are totally essential? This information will help us to narrow the choice down.
Q. When do you need the lease car?
A. No, you can’t always just “pull cars off the shelf” so lead time should always be considered – we will help you identify what is available and what options we can help you with if there is any lead time that may leave you potentially without a car.

Someone once said to me that you should never lease or buy a car without driving one; If you get a great deal – that may not be there the next day – you will kick yourself if you lose it while you wait for the right opportunity to get to test it out. That said if you are in no rush you are committing to a length of contract and you should be able to get a test drive at a local dealer fairly quickly

BUT in saying this, ONLY if you get the right advice from the right people before signing up; we will make sure that your new car ticks all the boxes by getting to know you, asking the right questions and finding you the most suitable car before we even start the search.
Remember, if you have any questions, tweet Barry @Car4Leasing, visit or call 0844 414 8144 today!

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