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How to keep car running costs under control
We may have come through the biggest recession that our generation has ever known, but lately, there has been a lot of press coverage about the cost of living.
Yes, it seems that whilst the economy is “on the up”, a lot of families are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of day-to-day living, with just about everything seemingly getting more expensive.
Food, energy, even school uniforms – all of these costs attribute to the overall household outgoings and we are talking about essentials, not luxuries. And let’s not forget the car; next to the mortgage or rent, the family car (or cars) are very likely to be the next biggest overhead that has to be taken into account.
And the car, after all, comes with additional costs all of its own.
Running Costs Image

Used cars – vs – new cars

If you are trying to save money, you may want to consider buying an older car – preferably without having to finance it – and keep up with the maintenance bills instead of paying for a monthly lease or hire purchase cost.
But used cars (particularly the originally more expensive ones and 4x4s) can be pretty costly to maintain, with regular services that can be expensive and also often unforeseen –this makes car outgoings very difficult to budget for.
In addition, CO2 emissions are higher on older cars, so car tax is likely to be more than on a more environmentally friendly new car.
And the elephant in the room is one that we are all familiar with: fuel. Older cars are generally not nearly as efficient as the latest models, as manufacturers constantly compete to bring their customers more miles to the gallon all the time.

Affording to run a new car

There are still a number of people (and businesses) who can’t quite get their head around leasing a car but if you find a competitive deal, you can:
  • Achieve a low monthly rental
  • Take out a great value low-cost maintenance contract if you want to totally fix your outgoings
  • Benefit from a much more fuel-efficient engine (in some cases, the difference you can save on fuel can actually justify the cost of your lease! And don’t forget electric and dual-fuel vehicles are also available to lease!)
  • Be kinder to the environment with a lower emission, new vehicle
  • Budget your car costs and change them on a regular basis
  • Benefit from running a more expensive car than if buying outright as you are not paying off the capital each month

And if that’s still not convinced you, think of it this way: leasing a car is not like renting a house. If you buy a new car directly from the forecourt then yes, you will take a depreciation hit the minute you drive it away.
If you secure a competitive leasing deal from a company like Car4Leasing, you will not only avoid that “hit”, you will benefit from bulk buying discounts and incentives behind the scenes that will often mean your monthly rental will cost you less overall than if you bought the same car and owned it for the same term as your lease.
In our minds, it really is a no brainer. Call the friendly and experienced Car4Leasing team today on 0844 414 8144 to find out more about how you really could keep your car running costs under control.

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