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There are many cars and 4x4s that can claim to be great for winter driving. However, if you want a car that is stronger, smarter and capable of a handling a whole lot more than your average blanket of snow, then look no further. With intelligent safety systems, impressive handling and comfort and style catered for, our top 5 winter-ready cars are sure to make an impression when the cold takes over! Without further ado and in no particular order...

1. Land Rover FreelanderLand Rover Freelander Picture
The Land Rover Freelander is a real favourite for countryside drivers. The performance and driving is smooth yet bold. The Freelander is particularly known for its excellent handling and effortless ease in extreme snowy and icy winter conditions. Presenting lots of traction and good grip, the Freelander is one of the best 4x4’s on the market. Hugely capable off road, and with additional benefits for winter such as a heated front screen, the Freelander 2 is prepared for any conditions you can throw at it.

2. Skoda YetiSkoda Yeti Picture
The Skoda Yeti is known for being an excellent off-roader, and with its intelligent handling system, you can remain in control even in icy or snowy situations. Like many other Skodas, it offers intense grip on the road and precise steering. However, the Yeti is often pinpointed and favourited as being the best Skoda for wet and icy winter conditions. In terms of in-car safety, the Yeti is a clear winner, with its stability control, front, side and curtain airbags and active anti-whiplash head restraints.

3. Mazda CX-5Mazda CX-5 Picture
The Mazda CX-5 boasts a 2.2 litre diesel engine, giving not only great torque, but surprisingly good fuel efficiency. The CX-5 is sharp for its height and size, explained as being more like a hatchback than a SUV. It gives you strong grip, impressively accurate steering and excellent control throughout the body minimising rolling. It is not only this that makes it a fantastic choice for icy conditions, but with the handling of a hatchback and all the power of an SUV, driving on wet and windy roads are made easy. In all, an intelligently designed vehicle in disguise!

4. Kia SportageKia Sportage Picture
Being one of the latest releases from Kia, the performance of the Kia Sportage is more advanced from its predecessors. Kias can be known to have soft suspension and a lot of roll, however the Sportage seems to be an exception, with a composed ride and sharp control. Praised for its great handling in slippery and hazardous road conditions, the Sportage is becoming a real winter favourite. The 1.6-litre petrol is good but sometimes not quite as capable as the 1.7-litre diesel engines in the Kia Sportage range. The 1.6 and 1.7 are both front-wheel drive only, so if you’re looking for a 4x4, you can find the 2.0-litre petrol or diesel engine with the benefit of an electronically controlled four-wheel drive system.

5. Hyundai ix35Hyundai IX35 Picture
With its large frame and weighty looking exterior, the Hyundai IX35 is a surprisingly nimble drive with good grip and easy handling. The ix35 is extremely capable on off-road conditions such as soft, thick mud and flooding. It is more notably capable in snowy and icy road and off road conditions, handling well and driving through with ease. As well as the practicality of the ix35, you will find that the interior is comfortable and spacious. The modern style of the exterior has been carried through to the interior, so you dont have to compromise on style when it comes to a sensible and capable winter car. .

Article written by Barry Mainstone

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