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Nissan Juke Receives New Diesel Engine


Since its launch in 2010, more than 19,000 (that’s roughly a third of all sales) of Nissan Juke models were sold in the UK, making it clearly one of the best selling cars. The secret is behind this success was the 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine.

No doubt this success will continue as Japanese car manufacturer Nissan will be upgrading the 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine. According to Nissan, the new and improved engine – which will improve driving flexibility – will be 14 per cent more economical than the previous diesel engine.

The updated version of the engine unit will still have the same power output, but there will be an extra 20Nm of torque, bringing the total to 260Nm. The diesel engine will also offer low Co2 emissions, with an output of just 109g/km. The Co2 emission output of the previous engine was 124g/km.

In layman terms, with this new engine, it will make a massive difference to fuel economy. Best all off, the noise levels of the updated 1.5 litre dCi engine will be reduced.

Other major changes have been made which includes the revamped piezo-electric fuel injection nozzles, which allows a more accurate spray pattern for better combustion and a more responsive turbo charger.

The variable oil pump is another feature that is included in the revamp. This clever piece of technology will become every driver’s best friend as it will significantly reduce internal friction by automatically responding to the needs of the engine and oil viscosity. Another change also includes the stop-start system, which now allows engine to restart at 0.5 seconds of the clutch being engaged.

Nissan Juke models will also feature a revised gear ratio, with the distance between first and second gear slightly shortened, to improve the driver’s response at low speeds. The third to sixth gear will have slightly longer distance so the driver can take advantage of added torque, which will assist in delivering better fuel efficiency.

Nissan Dynamic Control System will also work hard to deliver better fuel efficiency. This control system will give the driver a choice of three driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport. In Eco mode, the torque is limited to 220Nm, whereas with the Normal and Sport mode, the full 260Nm is available. Furthermore, the system also selects the suitable pedal sensitivity settings for each driving mode.

The improved 1.5 litre diesel engine is available across the Juke range, including the n-tec trim. Newly released Nissan Nismo will not feature the new economical diesel engine.

Now that Nissan Juke features a more efficient piece of technology, will it affect the price of the vehicle? Not at all – the price will remain the same. The price for Juke Visia starts from £14,895, while the price of the Acenta starts from £16,390. The cost of Acenta Premium (with Nissan Connect) starts from £17,390, while the price Juke n-tec –which is the range’s bestselling vehicle – starts from £17,690. Top of the range Tekna will cost from £18,390. In all cases you can pick up a fantastic offer through both personal and business leasing

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