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Skoda Octavia - Special Offer

Short Term Leasing – We can help


With the popularity of certain vehicles comes increasing lead times. A factory order on an Audi A5, Range Rover Evoque and even the newly introduced Dacia Duster will lead to a vehicle arriving for delivery in 2013. However, you need not despair as short term leasing may solve your immediate problems.

Short Term We offer contracts from 3 months up to a year and in most cases can deliver a vehicle within a couple of weeks of applying and within a couple of days in exceptional circumstances. We only offer new vehicles and we offer a seclection of vehicles across the different sizes of cars and light commercials.

No Commitment In some cases committing to a vehicle for 2 years or more is not a viable option. With a maximum commitment of 3 months available you could be driving a brand new vehicle sooner than you may think.

Example Pricing To see example pricing please go to our short term section, or click here

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