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Personal Car Leasing


Leasing a car has never been so simple, and with more and more people choosing to lease a vehicle the availability and competitiveness of finance packages has improved as well. Car Leasing is traditionally perceived as a business option but in more recent times Personal Car Leasing has become an affordable and often shrewd choice for private individuals.

With the exception of a few manufacturers the pricing for personal and business users is comparable. It is true that you cannot claim the v.a.t back as a private individual, but consider the fact that most people who buy a new car want to change it after about 3 years, and with a lease you are only financing a percentage of the value of the vehicle. Not only this but you don’t stand to lose any money at the end of the contract when you find out it depreciated a lot more than your though it did.

Fixed cost motoring is the way forward, and being able to budget for a set time period is as beneficial to a private consumer as it is to a business. Not only this but if you pick short term contracts you can change the vehicle regularly keeping you both up to date with the latest vehicles and meaning as your circumstances change you can vary your vehicle to suit. (early termination fees do apply).

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