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Every year new models are launched into the market and this is a little update of what new cars have recently been launched that you may have not considered but are offering great value and are likely to be seen widely on the roads in the UK in 2018. The MPV and Crossover Market look likely to see the biggest new entrants

Skoda Karoq

The Skoda Karoq is the replacement for the Skoda Yeti. Like all cars coming out of the Volkswagen group this car is offering some superb engines starting with the 1.0 115 bhp petrol engine and upto a 1.5 150 bhp petrol version available in both engines as a manual or an automatic car. The Karoq is essentially Skoda’s version of the VW Tiguan but comes in at phenominal value and if you go for the SE Technology version you will benefit from the following standard features:

Adaptive Cruise Control. Sat Nav, Bluetooth, Front and rear Parking Sensors, DAB Radio, USB Connection, Smartlink with Wireless Phone Charging, Dual Zone Air Conditioning, 17” Alloy wheels and an Umbrella under the passenger seat.

Skoda Karoq

The Karoq is already selling in great numbers and is likely to be highly visible by March when the new ’18 registration plate starts and the launch stock starts to hit the UK roads.

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Seat Arona

The Seat Arona is the new crossover car introduced by Seat, and is a great alternative to the number one vehicle in this segment, the Nissan Juke. The Arona like the Skoda Karoq previously mentioned is part of the VW Group of companies brain child and starts with a 1.0 95 bhp engine. The version to look for is again the SE Technology and comes as standard with the following features:

Cruise Control, Rear Parking Sensor, Bluetooth, DAB Radio, Steering Wheel Mounted controls. Air Conditioning, 17” Alloy Wheels. The car also benefits from free Metallic Paint and either Black or Grey Roof as standard.

Seat Arona

The Arona launch price is competitive and will give the Juke a run for its money with its exciting new looks, great trim levels and superb drive. The cars name is very catchy as well and we cant help singing My Sharona by ‘The Knack’ every time we see the car come up for a quotation.

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Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is like a mini Hyundai IX35. At present the launch price is a bit higher than that of the Skoda and Seat’s above but the car is fabulous to look at and will definitely feature on the road in the months to come. The entry level car starts also on a 1.0 Turbo engine (118 BHP) The entry level 1.0T GDI Blue Drive S is our featured car and comes as standard with the following trim:

Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, DAB Radio, Steering Wheel Mounted Controls, USB Port, Air Conditiiong, Auto Lights and 16” Alloy Wheels.

Hyundai Kona

We don’t think you will be disappointed with what is another great car in the Hyundai range

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Kia Stonic

The Kia Stonic is the last of the new crossovers we will mention this time around. Kia and Hyundai are sister companies and whilst sister companies their styling is completely different. It is likely if the Hyundai Kona does not catch your eye the Kia Stonic will, and vice versa. We are featuring the 1.4 2 version of the Kia Stonic and as standard this version comes with the following features:

Bluetooth, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, Cruise Control, Rear Parking Sensor, DAB Radio, Steering Wheel Mounted Controls, USB Port, Air Conditioning, Auto Lights, Roof Rails and 17” Alloy Wheels.

Kia Stonic

The Kia Stonic is a tremendously good looking car and as with all our featured cars will be visible on our roads very soon (If you have not seen one already).

The one marked increase in the offers we are seeing in 2018 is the rise of the Petrol engine. The manufacturers are all offering smaller engine sizes with larger power outputs and increased fuel economy. When we consider in 2007 Ford introduced the Ford Fiesta ST 2.0 Performance version with a 150 bhp engine, and in todays market you can get a Skoda Karoq with a 1.0 125 bhp or a 1.5 150 bhp version it just shows how much more value for money you are getting by opting for one of these smaller engine sizes.

Check out our Kia Stonic offer here Kia Stonic

We highly recommend test driving the 1.0 engine as it is the complete opposite of what your brain would expect, it is fast, it is quiet and it is economical and more than powerful enough for any of the vehicles in the market today offering this drivetrain as standard.

We have car leasing offers on all of the featured offers as well as many more. We will keep you appraised of further developments in the market as the year goes by.

Why not get in touch with us @car4leasing and let us know your thoughts?

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