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Business owners prefer to deal with drivers of black Audis
Study of UK business owners reveals prejudice on car make and colour
  • Majority admit the make of someone’s car affects their opinion of them
  • Business people prefer to deal with Audi and Mercedes drivers the most
  • Black or silver cars are advised, while red or white should be avoided

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Drive a black Audi if you want to get ahead in business is the message of a new study released today 30th August 2016 – but make sure you avoid red Fiats.

Business owners and managers in the UK said they prefer to deal with people who drive Audis, with black their favoured colour. Mercedes drivers were the second most popular, trailing their German rival by just a single percent (22% versus 21%).

However, drivers of Fiats emerged as the last option for doing business with, taking just two percent of the vote. Vauxhall just missed out on the wooden spoon with double the Italian car-maker’s popularity.

The study of 1,000 UK business owners and managers by online car leasing specialists, Car4Leasing, found that the majority (53%) admit the make of someone’s car affects their opinion of them. While 40% go even further and say that the colour of a car also influences their opinion of the driver.

Drivers of black cars are the number one choice of business people, followed by silver and blue. Red or white cars though should be avoided as just three and six percent respectively named drivers of these coloured cars as who they would prefer to do business with.

The top five manufacturers according to business owners and the drivers they would prefer to deal with are:

1. Audi
2. Mercedes
3. BMW
4. Ford
5. Mini

Car4Leasing also found that prejudice in car make and colour is age dependent. Younger businesspeople (25-34-year-olds) are much more likely to judge someone on the make of their car (54%), than their middle-aged compatriots (35-44-year-olds) where the prejudice rate drops to just 34%.

The same trend is true for car colour, with 45% of younger managers and owners pre-judging drivers on their paintjobs compared to just 29% of those over the age of 35.

Barry Mainstone, Director at Car4Leasing said: “Cars have always been a status symbol but our study shows that what make and colour you opt for can actually affect your business, and that your first impression starts the moment you turn into the office car park.

“German manufacturers such as Audi and Mercedes are known for being reliable and convey a serious impression which explains why the drivers of these cars are top of the list for people who owners and managers prefer to do business with. The same is true of the colour black.

“However, red or white cars stand out more and look ‘louder’ in the office car park which is possible why they’re further down the list.”

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