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New cars – vs – used cars. There are still many businesses and individuals’ intent on buying or financing used cars to avoid the “hit” of depreciation. To many extents, that is true: cars do depreciate more in their first years than later on down the line when it the rate starts to slow down.

Save money with a new car – vs – used car

Cars and vans are getting more economical all the time. In addition, new technologies like electric vehicles and plug-ins (to name but a few) are becoming more mainstream and the likelihood is that by 2040 alternative fuel vehicles will be pretty much an every-day reality on our roads.

So saving money on fuel is one way that you can benefit financially by choosing new over used – in some cases, the fuel saving in itself can sometimes equate to the cost of leasing a vehicle.


Don’t pay extra for things to ‘bolt on’ to make your car more up to date – a lot of gadgets are now standard.

Obviously this does depend on the car but features like Bluetooth technology are very common in today’s modern vehicles. You also won’t have the issue of in-car technology becoming obsolete or

New vs Used the Picture

Top 5 used car running costs to consider

New cars – vs – used cars
1.Maintenance costs are less
2.Road Tax is lower and is included in most lease contracts
3.Fuel economy is much better
4.Depreciation is not a worry when leasing
5.Insurance can be lower, too*

How a new car can save you money

If you are leasing your car, you are only actually funding what the vehicle will lose anyway, so your payments will be less than the capital repayment costs of hire purchase.

You will also be able to calculate what your vehicle spend will be from the outset and take advantage of the low rates that your broker and finance provider have negotiated. In many cases, it is far cheaper to lease than to buy and suffer depreciation on a new vehicle.

If you take out a maintenance contract, you will have no servicing costs to worry about and don’t forget that you will have much better fuel economy.

Call the team at Car4Leasing today on 0844 414 8144 or browse our website at your leisure – you may be surprised at the sort of vehicle your hard earned money could get you! We work hard to provide our clients with the best deals and of course, the best advice and customer service goes with it.

*depending on vehicle and other factors

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