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Fuel prices, economy and the impact it has on your next vehicle choice

At the moment, anyone who has a standard combustion engine car and who therefore regularly visits petrol stations will most likely have noticed something rather strange.
Picture of a Petrol Pump

Fuel prices have been falling.

In some places, reports are that fuel prices in some places has actually dropped below the £1 per litre mark, which is, of course, great news for consumers and businesses across the UK.

Will lower petrol prices make us change our car habits?

Of course not: not if you are making a sensible decision, anyway.

There is no guarantee of longevity where lower petrol prices are concerned but one thing that we do know is that the concerns over air quality and pollution are not going anywhere.

So, it still makes sense to change your old car for a newer, lower CO2 emission vehicle – the difference in fuel economy in standard-engined cars can sometimes be as much as the cost of a lease itself, despite the perhaps temporary lull in fuel prices.

And then there are electric vehicles and soon-to-come fuel-cell cars; not shelling out for petrol altogether is something that may well happen in the future (in fact, some industry experts predict that by as early as 2040 petrol and diesel cars will most definitely be in the minority).

Leasing an EV or hybrid car

For now, you can lease an economical vehicle, electric vehicle or hybrid from Car4Leasing for an affordable monthly price. Of course, into the bargain will be your VED (road tax) and the knowledge that you will be future-proofed when it comes to petrol price ups and downs.

Call any of our friendly and experienced team today on 0844 414 8144 or browse our website, and check out great deals on the cars of your choice.

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