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Firstly, this article is written by a female leasing insider (who shall for now remain nameless!). We all know that the car trade is a very male-orientated industry but we do have a sense of humour.

So please take this in the way that it was intended: it was written to make both sexes smile! Views are not our own or Car4Leasing’s, etc. – you know the spin!
Drawing of a man in a Car

Anyway, following on from our last piece about Female Friendly Leasing, we didn’t want to miss our male counterparts out. Here are our top 10 blokey car questions and answers about choosing cars.

Male question 1: Is it fast?

Answer: If it is fast, you will face higher insurance costs. You will also potentially face a telling-off if you attempt to check out how quick it is by breaking speed limits or – woe betide – overtaking any other vehicle (including tractors and the like).

Male question 2: Can I choose the car colour?

Answer: Yes, if it is not a stock vehicle where choice is limited (metallic paint often costs more so this also could make it a no-no). In any event, we would urge you to remember that you still have to get the thumbs up from your better half before choosing your colour or you could be in real trouble. Probably no go faster stripes allowed, either.

Male question 3: Can I fit my golf clubs in the back of the car?

Answer: Perhaps. But this is not important when considering the everyday needs of your family. Buggies and shopping obviously take priority.

Male question 4: Will my new car impress my colleagues?

Answer: If it has a three pointed star, four rings or a blue and white circle then probably, yes. It is also quite likely that it will be the envy of your neighbours.

Male question 5: Does my car choice fit within budget?

Answer: Probably not. Not if your other half has anything to do with it.

Male question 6: Has it got gadgets that will make me feel like James Bond?

Answer: A lot of cars come with gadgets and of course, you can pay extra to have even more gizmos – the choice is yours. The sad reality is that it won’t actually turn you into James Bond at all. And if you do invest in any sort of gadget, it may be a good idea to get something that will keep the kids quiet on long journeys.

Male question 7: How will my new car handle?

Answer: Probably very safely, with innovations like ESP etc. You won’t find it easy to do a sneaky donut in a lot of modern cars. And anyway, there would be far too much smoke so you could face being found out.

Male question 8: Can I have a sports car that is also practical?

Answer: In order to get the go-ahead for your next car you may want it to serve a dual purpose - there are plenty of cars that (kind of) do this. But a sporty car usually means coupe lines and an inevitable compromise on space and visibility. Worth a try, though.

Male question 9: Is there a good car stereo?

Answer: This will depend on the car and options that you choose. But whether you get to listen to it as loud as you like (and as often as you want to) is a different matter entirely.

Male question 10: Does the car come with Sat Nav?

Answer: Again, this will depend on the car. It is a common belief that men and maps don’t go together and anyway, who would want to be reading and driving at the same time? It’s just not practical (unless your passenger can assist, of course). Perhaps invest in a TomTom if the fitted option is too costly.

The truth about blokes and cars

So sorry, guys, it seems you’ve been sussed.

We ladies know what you want and the truth is this: buying cars is a joint decision when we are part of the picture. We may like cars as much as you do (believe it or not, many of us do!) but retaining a modicum of being sensible is what we do best.

Most of the time, anyway (ignore the handbag and shoes thing – that doesn’t count).

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