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How to avoid leasing damage bills

To avoid bills when your car goes back at the end of the leasing term is easy – you just have to understand about fair wear and tear.
Picture of damaged car

What is fair wear and tear?

Damage to contract hire vehicles is sometimes the reason that businesses or individuals don’t actually go ahead with a lease. They are worried that they will get a big bill when they hand the car back, more so than if they owned a car themselves.

But it is often completely forgotten that if you damage your car, you pay for it whether you own it or lease it.

If you sell it with damage on, buyers will expect money off if damage isn’t fixed. If you return it to the leasing company with damage on, it’s pretty much the same story – they have a duty to mitigate their losses.

But here’s the good news: if you deal with a reputable company like Car4Leasing, who use respected finance companies to fund their vehicles and who are members of the BVRLA, you can be sure that any charges are fair from the outset.

Usually acceptable Fair Wear and Tear:

  • Small dents and scratches
  • Light carpet wear
  • Instrument, steering wheel, and gear knob wear
  • Light upholstery wear

Unacceptable Fair Wear & Tear:

  • Accident damage
  • Poor maintenance
  • Wear and/or Tear due to misuse
  • Damaged carpets due to missing floor mats and/or abuse
  • Damage to paintwork from banners / logos etc.
  • Dirty, smelly and/or generally grubby interior

Other Chargeable Items –to be returned with your car include all sets of keys, Owner’s manual, service book, and any other official documentation, valid MOT certificate (if applicable), Any radio code cards or any installation CDs / DVDs, Jack, first aid kit, wheel brace, warning triangle etc, a legal spare wheel, tyre checking set or any other equipment that may have been supplied with your car

For full information check out our online fair wear guide online here.

Remember to empty your vehicle of personal belongings and clear your satellite navigation of all stored addresses before you give your car back, too!

Finally, check the leasing company’s damage policy prior to returning your vehicle as these indicators are provided as a guideline only (companies will differ).

We will be covering this issue in more detail in future weeks so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts on Twitter

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