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How to get a champagne car on a tango budget
We’ve all heard people bragging about what a great deal they’ve had on their car – and sometimes, it just seems that the prices they are talking about just don’t seem to stack up.

Champagne Car – Tango Budget

OK, some of the time, there may be an element of exaggeration with some people when it comes to telling their story but often, the deals turn out to be quite correct.

So – just how do you get the car of your dreams with a limited monthly spend. Is it really possible?

In a word, yes.

Premium marques command better resale values

Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and the like do, on the whole, hold better residual values than standard manufacturer marques.

If you get a particularly cheap offer, this is usually when there is some support behind the scenes that makes the deal really too good to be true.

It can often result in a prestige manufacturer’s equivalent vehicle being the around the same cost per month as a standard, more mainstream model (sometimes, even cheaper). And this is when you know you have a good deal.

Beat depreciation with leasing offers

The trick to getting a great deal is to strike while the iron is hot. Too much dilly-dallying and phoning around when an offer is clearly very competitive could result in you losing it altogether.

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