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Ford Leasing

Ford Motor Company offer some of the most popular vehicles in the UK. Having had success in both the Small Hatchback market with both the KA and the Fiesta, ranging through the highly succesful Focus, Executive Mondeo, 4x4 capabilities of the Kuga and family practicality of the C-Max and S-Max. Ford have have all of your needs covered. Ford car leasing offers you a wide variety of choice on a variety of different body types, with enough options to suit nearly everyones needs. If you cant see the vehicle you would like to lease listed below ask us for a quote as we can offer all derivatives of each model making leasing your next Ford far simpler than you would imagine.

Ford Lease Deals

Ford Leasing offers you the opportunity to drive a brand new vehicle for a fixed monthly fee. It is a convenient way to get a new vehicle and enables you to drive the latest and greatest Ford models on the market today. Not only that but we even deliver the vehicle to your door and collect at contract end. If you order a Ford today, there is no money to pay until after the vehicle has been delivered. (in a few cases you may have to pay the initial payment the week prior to delivery). If you would like to lease a Ford, we offer both business and personal car leasing offers on all models and derivatives. If the model you are looking for is not visible contact us for a contract hire quotation today via our quotations form, drop an email to or give us a call on 0844 414 8144. Leasing a Ford has never been so simple.

Ford C-Max Leasing

The Ford C-Max is an MPV that has sleek and elegant exterior and spacious interior. If you want a 5 seat vehicle then the C-Max is the car for you, if you have a larger family and require 7 seats then the Grand C-Max is for you. The C-Max has features such as Active Park Assist and a rear view camera if you require them. The C-Max is undoubtedly one of the best MPV’s on the market today.

Ford Fiesta Leasing

The Ford Fiesta is one of Fords leading models and it’s one of the most popular vehicles on the road today which speaks volumes of its reputation as one of the best hatchbacks on the road today. The Fiesta has an aesthetically pleasing exterior that is guaranteed to turn heads, it also has a surprisingly spacious interior which is something that a lot of modern hatchbacks lack. Features such as active city stop and heated front seats are available if you wish to have them. It really is plain to see why the Ford Fiesta is still one of the best hatchbacks around today.

Ford Focus Leasing

The Focus is one of Fords best-selling vehicles and you can see why. The Ford Focus provides you with the complete hatchback experience, it looks great and the interior is extremely roomy, which is what you expect in a good hatchback. Features such as rear park assist and active city stop are available if you wish to have them. If you are looking for the complete hatchback experience then look no further than the Ford Focus.

Ford KA Leasing

The KA is a quirky and unique design that has gone on to be one of Fords most popular models. It’s a great car for the urban environment, it’s compact, stylish and guaranteed to turn heads. The Ford KA comes in various different derivatives such as the sporty Grand Prix III. Features such as reverse parking sensors and electronic stability programme is available if you wish to have them. If you are looking for an original and unique drive then look further than the Ford KA.

Ford Mondeo Leasing

The Ford Mondeo is a clever and sophisticated Saloon that is guaranteed to turn heads with its sleek and stylish body and spacious interior. The Mondeo comes in different derivatives, if you are looking for a sportier drive then the Titanium X Sport is for you, if you want the entry level model then the Zetec is the car for you. Over the years the Mondeo as cemented itself as one of the best and most popular saloons on the road and we can see why.

Ford Kuga Leasing

The Kuga is Fords attempt at the SUV and they have a great vehicle, it has the qualities that a good SUV should have such as excellent off-road performance and a rugged yet elegant look. As you would expect from a quality SUV the Kuga has some of the latest technology available such as Bluetooth and voice control. The Kuga is relatively cheap when you compare it to its rival models.

Ford S-Max Leasing

The Market today is flooded with various MPVs but the Ford S-Max is truly one of the pack leaders. The Ford S-Max has 7 seats which is great for those with a large family, it also has generous luggage space which is perfect for those family holidays. Features such as a rear view camera and cruise control is standard on applicable models. If you are looking for one the leading MPV’s then the S-Max is a good vehicle for you.

Leasing a Ford

Not only do Ford offer the superb vehicles as listed above but they cater for the rugged and powerful ranger or the larger Tourneo. Ford also have a great range of vans including the class leading Transit and the small Fiesta van. Ford Leasing Contracts cater for all your personal and business needs their vast range of excellent vehicles.

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