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Frequently Asked Questions



Are all the vehicles advertised brand new?

All are vehicles are brand new. They tend to be registered the day before delivery, and come with delivery mileage only.

If I lease a vehicle, when do I have to pay the initial payment?

No payments are taken until just before or just after delivery (dependent on finance company). We do not charge deposits for standard vehicles so you can order your next lease vehicle in advance without denting the bank balance.

How are the vehicles delivered or do I have to collect?

All of our vehicles are delivered to either your home or work address, monday through friday between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm. Vehicles are driven by trained drivers.

Do I have to pay for delivery and collection?

In most cases delivery and collection is free of charge. Some dealers do charge for delivery but you will be informed prior to being asked to sign any paperwork. Additional charges are made if transported delivery is requested instead of driven.

Do you only supply the vehicles advertised?

We can supply any make or model of vehicle, but only advertise the ones that we believe currently offer best value for money. If you can't see what you like contact us and we will quote you for your actual vehicle.

When should I order my next vehicle?

It varies vehicle by vehicle. Some manufacturers have stock in their most popular vehicles and you could pick up a bargain quite quickly. However if you require specific items on the vehicle you may need to factory order the vehicle. This varies between 6-8 weeks on something like a fiesta to 6 months on an audi.

Why should we choose car4leasing?

We pride ourself on offering some of the best deals out there so you should get a good deal. We do not take any money in advance (deposits are sometimes requested for vehicles with expensive options) and our levels of service are second to none. Try us, you won't be dissapointed.

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